Compensated Smoking & Vaping Research Studies
If you are a vapor or cigarette smoker, you may be eligible to participate in a research study at the University of Southern California.
Research Conducted in Los Angeles, CA
Compensation provided
No Cost To Participate
Smoke Cigarettes or Use Vaping Devices
21+ Years Old
Fast Facts
Study Background
Over 30 million adults in the United States smoke cigarettes every year. An additional 8 million adults in the United States vape electronic cigarettes (or e-cigarettes). Smoking and vaping can cause medical conditions like cancer, heart disease, stroke, lung disease, and diabetes. Some people may want to quit and others may just want to help researchers understand the effects of these products.

Our studies at USC help people who are looking to quit smoking cigarettes and people who want to help others understand vaping and smoking. By participating in one of our studies, you can further research on vaping and smoking.

Study Id: HS-19-00221
Additional Information
Why are these studies being done?
Our studies investigate how smokers and vapers respond to differences, such as flavors and nicotine levels, in these products. In addition, we want to learn how various products affect thoughts and behaviors.
Are these studies for me?
You may qualify for our studies if you meet the following criteria:

Eligibility Criteria:
  • Smoke Cigarettes or Use Vaping Devices
  • Age 21+ years old
  • Not pregnant
What will happen if I participate in a study?
We will ask you to complete questionnaires about your product use, mood, and personality. You may also complete behavioral tasks, smoke and/or vape with products that we provide. For people who want to quit smoking cigarettes, you will complete quit smoking counseling and take quit smoking medication.
Is there compensation for being in a research study?
Compensation varies, depending on the study. You may receive up to $575 for taking part in a study.
Will it cost anything to participate in a study?
There is no cost to participate in a study.