Opioid Use
Research Studies
Virginia Commonwealth University researchers are interested in learning more about opioid use disorder through their research studies. Compensation provided.
Conducted in Richmond, VA
Compensation is Provided
In Buprenorphine Treatment OR Currently using non-prescribed opioid
Opioid Use Disorder
18-65 Years Old
Fast Facts
Study Background
Help advance opioid treatment research by joining one of our compensated research studies.

Opioid abuse is a devastating problem in our nation. It attacks your brain and your body. It hurts both you and people who care about you.

The purpose of our research studies is to learn more about opioid use & find better treatments for opioid users.
Additional Information
Why are these studies being done?
Our studies aim to learn more about opioid use & explore further treatments.
Is this study for me?
You may qualify for this study if you meet the following criteria.

Eligibility Criteria:
  • Age 18-65
  • Diagnosed with opioid use disorder
  • Currently receiving Suboxone (bup/naloxone ) treatment for OUD OR
  • Currently using non-prescribed opioids
What will happen if I participate in a study?
Our researchers are running multiple studies. Some studies are treatment studies and others are general opioid use studies. Sign up to learn more!
Will I be paid for being in a research study?
Compensation is provided for participation in a study.
Will it cost me anything to participate in a study?
There are no additional costs for you to participate in our research program. Some costs are associated with treatment.