Compensated Smoking
Research Studies
The University of Vermont researchers are partnering with cigarette smokers to investigate the effects of varying nicotine levels.
Conducted Remotely From Your Home
NOT Currently Trying to Quit
Daily Cigarette Smoker
21 - 70
Years Old
Fast Facts
About our research studies:
Partner with researchers as they learn more about how different levels of nicotine affect cigarette use in different people.
If you are a smoker who is not currently trying to quit, you have a great opportunity to further research and participate in one of the compensated smoking studies being offered by the University of Vermont.

You will be asked to attend Zoom sessions and come to our lab weekly for curbside pickup of study products. We will take breath, saliva, and urine samples, ask you to complete questionnaires, and provide you with cigarettes or a combination of cigarettes and e-cigarettes.

Join our program and help researchers to learn more about tobacco products.
Additional Information
Why are these studies being done?
The University of Vermont researchers are evaluating the effects of very low nicotine content (VLNC) cigarettes on smoking rate, dependence severity, neurobiological impacts, and toxin exposure through partnering with frequent cigarette smokers. The goal of the studies is to help guide researchers on the appropriate levels of nicotine in smoking products.
Are these studies for me?
Our studies seek smokers who are not currently interested in quitting. We are partnering with individuals of all backgrounds and you can complete the screening form to see if you are eligible.
What will happen if I participate in one of these studies?
The studies will require Zoom sessions and curbside study product pickups at the Vermont Center on Behavior and Health located in Burlington, VT.
Will I be paid for being in one of these research studies ?
You will be compensated for your participation. Each one of our studies varies in the level of compensation. Compensation for childcare available.
Will it cost me anything to participate in one of these research studies?
There is no cost for you to participate in a research study and all study product is provided at no-cost.