Adolescent Depression Treatment Research
Advance childhood depression research by participating in a University of Pittsburgh study aimed at helping kids & teens develop better coping skills to deal with the symptoms of depression
Facts About Our Study
The purpose of our study is to understand how kids & teens learn skills to manage their thoughts and feelings, and how their life experiences are related to the ways they learn a new skill.
Child/teen aged 12-15 years old who is sad, depressed, irritable, or withdrawn

Child/teen has never been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder or current ADHD, and is not on any stimulant medications

Compensation up to $210 is provided
Visits conducted online, by phone, and at Bellefield Towers (Oakland)

Study Background
Many children and teens experience depression, a mood disorder that causes feelings of intense sadness, lowered energy and interest in activities, academic problems, and withdrawal from others.

Therapy can help children and teens learn coping skills to manage depression, but researchers do not fully understand how adolescents learn these coping skills or which children benefit most from them.

The purpose of our study is to better understand how children and teens learn and use a common coping skill. Researchers hope their findings may help discover better ways to manage depression in children and teens in the future.

Please check eligibility by clicking one of the buttons below & filling out our short survey. Once you've completed the survey, a member of the research team at the University of Pittsburgh will be in touch. Thank you!
Additional Information