A University of Minnesota research project for women who have quit smoking or would like to quit smoking and remain smoke free postpartum
Concerned About Cigarette Smoking After the Baby Arrives?
Facts About Tobacco Use
  • Quitting smoking is hard
  • Most women who quit smoking during pregnancy relapse within 1 year after delivery
  • Even after birth, smoking is harmful for babies and children
About this opportunity:
Our goal is to study the effects of an FDA approved medication after delivery to aid in quitting smoking or remaining smoke-free.
You will be asked to:
  • Complete online or in-person visits with our staff
  • Answer questions about your health, mood and smoking behavior
  • Complete questionnaires
  • Have your saliva collected
  • Take an FDA approved medication, buproprion, for 3 months beginning after delivery
  • Compensation provided up to $860
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