New Treatment Option for Anxiety, Depression & PTSD
Join a UC San Diego research study investigating an innovative computer-based treatment designed to improve thinking skills in people suffering from anxiety, depression or PTSD.
Appointments in San Diego & Remote From Your Home
Experiencing Anxiety, Depression OR PTSD
Able to do an MRI Scan
21 - 55 Years Old
Fast Facts
About our research study:
Researchers are developing an innovative cognitive training program designed to improve cognition and reduce symptoms associated with mood, anxiety, and traumatic stress disorders.
Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety disorders, and mood disorders are serious conditions that affect peoples' lives dramatically. People with these conditions are commonly plagued by difficulty controlling distressing personal thoughts and memories, collectively referred to as repetitive negative thinking symptoms.

Researchers hope their findings will help to determine
the optimal dose of a new cognitive training program. This program is designed to reduce repetitive negative thinking in mood, anxiety, and traumatic stress disorders. Your participation in this study may lead to improved mood and brain functioning.
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