Compensated Bipolar Disorder Research Study
Researchers at the University of California want to learn more about how cigarette smoking affects the thinking and behavior of people with bipolar disorder.
Research conducted in Irvine, CA
In generally good health
Smokes nicotine cigarettes
history of Bipolar Disorder
18 - 65
Years Old
Fast Facts
Study Background
Smoking rates are two to three times higher among people with bipolar disorder than compared to the general population, making them susceptible to associated adverse health outcomes as well as mortality at an earlier age.

Our study aims to understand how smoking impacts brain function and cognitive abilities (memory, attention, etc.) in individuals diagnosed with bipolar disorder.
Additional Information
Why is this research study being done?
Our study aims to understand the impact of smoking cigarettes on brain function in individuals with bipolar disorder.
Is this study for me?
You may qualify for our study if you meet the following criteria:

Inclusion criteria:
  • Between the ages of 18 and 65 years
  • Diagnosed with bipolar disorder
  • Smoke nicotine cigarettes
Exclusion criteria:
  • Severe hearing loss
  • History of severe head injury (e.g. traumatic brain injury, stroke, epilepsy, etc.)
What will happen if I participate in this study?
The study visit involves:
  • One visit to UCI Medical Center, lasting about 4 hours.
  • Signing consent forms
  • Completing interviews/questionnaires about symptoms, medical history, smoking status
  • CO breath measurement
  • Recording brain responses to auditory stimuli using an electroencephalogram (EEG)
  • Brief neurocognitive testing of memory, attention, reaction times
  • Collection of 26 ml of blood (approximately 2 tablespoons) for investigation of genetic variants.
Will I be paid for being in this research study?
Participants are compensated $150 for their time.
Will it cost me anything to participate in this research study?
There is no cost for you to participate in a research study.