Memory and Aging Brain Imaging Study
Research study involving state-of-the-art brain imaging at Stony Brook University Medical Center
With and without memory problems
Non-smokers (during the past 12-months)
Adults at least 50 years old
Compensation Provided
Brain Imaging Study
Fast Facts
Stony Brook Medicine, NY
About this research study:
Your participation will help further our understanding of the relationship between brain biology and memory.
The purpose of the study is to understand changes in the memory aging process. The study involves a screening visit where we will explain the study procedures in depth, ensure you are in good physical health, and play some thinking games. Afterwards, we will schedule you to come in for up to 3 brain imaging scans. After the study, the Center for Excellence for Alzheimer's Disease (CEAD) will perform follow-up assessments approximately every 6 months over the next few years. These will involve appointments at the CEAD or Stony Brook Medical Center, but they do not involve any imaging.
Additional Information