Language & Literacy
Research Study
The University of South Carolina is looking for 2nd-graders that have reading or language difficulties to participate in a research study

Conducted Remotely or in Columbia, SC
Compensation Provided
Language and/or Reading Difficulties
report of your child's abilities
Second Grade
Fast Facts
About Our Research Study
The University of South Carolina is looking to help children who struggle with reading or language through an in-person or remote research study.
Children with reading and language difficulties may have a smaller vocabulary, difficulty remembering words/sounds, difficulty following directions, or miss social cues.

Our researchers are studying word learning in children who struggle solely with reading, children who study solely with language, and children who struggle with both reading and language.

Our goal is to improve the assessment and treatment of children with language and reading disabilities through our research.
Additional Information
Why is this study being done?
This study is being done to learn more about children with Developmental Language Disorders (DLD) and Reading Disabilities in order to improve assessment and treatment methods.
Is this study for me?
To qualify for this study, your child should meet the following criteria:

Inclusionary Criteria:
  • Second grade
  • Diagnosed with or suspected/concerns of Reading Disability/Dyslexia (Does your child avoid reading aloud, get frustrated when they read, have a hard time remembering what they read/learn?)
  • OR Diagnosed with or suspected/concerns of Developmental Language Disorder (Does your child forget new words, do not understand what they read, need things repeated to them?)
Exclusionary Criteria:
  • Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Hearing Impairment
  • Vision Impairment not corrected by glasses or contacts
  • Primary language is not English
What will happen if I participate in the study?
Your child will complete 6-8 sessions (60-90 mins. each). Sessions may be conducted remotely from your home -or- in one of our clinical research rooms (all rooms are sanitized and social distancing precautions will be followed). Sessions are scheduled at your convenience. You will receive a report of your child's abilities
Will I be paid for being in this research study?
Your family will be compensated up to $105 for completion of research sessions and surveys.
Will it cost me anything to participate in this study?
There will be no charge to participate in this research study.