PTSD Treatment Research Study
Have you experienced a traumatic event that significantly affects your everyday life? Are you currently using birth control? Participate in a compensated PTSD treatment study conducted by researchers at NYU Langone Health.
Located in the Greater NYC Area
Compensation Up to $480
Experienced a traumatic event that significantly affects your life currently
18 - 45 Years Old
Fast Facts
Using Birth Control
Study Background
Roughly 10% of the US adult population lives with symptoms of PTSD and the prevalence rates for women are significantly higher than for men, with an estimated 4% of the women in the United States reporting PTSD symptoms. This condition can lead to people living their life with constant nightmares, trouble engaging in social activities and hamper relationships with relatives and friends.

NYU researchers are studying a new treatment that could help reduce symptoms of PTSD. This in-person compensated research study may be available to you. Find out if you are eligible for this PTSD treatment study at NYU Langone Health.
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