Take Control of your
Epileptic Seizures
Learn more about how to get involved in research assisting patients struggling with epilepsy
Research conducted in Bethesda, MD
Evaluations Provided
Diagnosed or Suspected Epilepsy
Stable Medical Condition
8 Years and older
Fast Facts
About this research study:
The objective of our research is to learn more about epileptic seizures. Evaluation is offered to qualified patients with drug-resistant epilepsy.
Epilepsy affects about 1 percent of the U.S. population. The majority of people with epilepsy respond well to medicine, but some do not -- an estimated 25 to 30 percent of epilepsy patients can't control their seizures with medication. Researchers at the NIH are looking for patients who have diagnosed or suspected epilepsy to participate in ongoing studies. The aim is to learn more about optimal clinical care for this subset of epilepsy patients while providing evaluation to those that struggle with this condition.
Additional Information
Why is this study being done?
The objective of our research is to learn more about epileptic seizures and to offer free evaluation to patients with drug-resistant Epilepsy.
Is this study for me?
  • Age 8 years or older
  • Known or suspected diagnosis of Epilepsy


  • Patients with unstable medical conditions that makes participation unsafe
  • Patients who are unable to travel to the NIH in Bethesda, MD
What will happen if I participate in the study?
Participants will be screened through:
  • Physical exam
  • Medical history
  • Questionnaires
Participants will have multiple visits. They may be admitted to the hospital for several weeks. Their medication might be stopped or changed.

Participants will conduct various tests including:
  • Blood and urine tests
  • EEG & MEG to record brain waves.
  • Thinking and memory tests
  • MRI & PET scan
  • Epilepsy surgery
Participants will stay enrolled in this study if they join other epilepsy-related studies. They may be contacted at intervals for follow-up. Their participation will end if they have not been seen clinically for their epilepsy for 3 years.
Will it cost me anything to participate in this study?
There is no cost for study-related evaluation, procedures, surgery, and medicines. Travel support may be provided as well to those that need it.