Emotions and the
Aging Brain
A research study aimed to develop better interventions for emotion regulation, depression and memory loss in adults.
Boston, MA
Compensation Provided
With or without
depression or memory loss
2 Year Study
55 - 79 Years Old
Fast Facts
About this research study:
We are interested in understanding emotion regulation in people with and without current or past history of depression and/or memory loss, and how this changes later in life among individuals aged 55-79.
This study investigates potential moderators (sex, depression chronicity and severity) and executive function skills in relation to emotion processing skills. The overarching goal of this study is to gain a comprehensive understanding of emotion processing skills, with a primary focus on emotion regulation, among aging individuals to pave the way for the development of an intervention that seeks to optimize emotion regulation in older depressed people as primary therapy target.

The aim is to develop a treatment that can be personalized based upon important predictors of emotion processing skills, specifically biological sex, depression severity and chronicity, and executive functioning skills.

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