The Illinois Institute of Technology is seeking volunteers in the Chicago area to participate in a compensated research study.
Compensated Studies For Healthy Adults
Weigh more than 110lbs
Research Conducted in Chicago, IL
In Generally Good Health
18 - 75 Years Old
Fast Facts
About Our Research Study
The Illinois Institute of Technology is running several compensated research studies investigating immune function.
Join our research to learn more about your health and wellness. We are currently looking for participants to further our research related to the immune system in response to diet, disease, and vaccines. Take care of your well-being by partnering with us.
Additional Information
Why is this study being done?
The primary purpose of our research studies is to learn more about immune function.
Are these studies for me?
You may qualify for any of our studies if you meet the following criteria.

Eligibility Criteria:
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Generally healthy
  • Weigh more than 110lbs
  • Are a non-smoker
  • Willing to attend clinic visits
The criteria differ from study to study. Please complete the screening form to ensure you are eligible.
What will happen if I participate in the study?
The studies vary in requirements but typically consist of several questionnaires, clinic visits, and a collection of samples.
Will I be paid for being in this research study?
You will be compensated up to $375 for your participation.
Will it cost me anything to participate in this study?
There is no cost for you to participate in a research study.