Veteran Food Behavior
Research Study
Join a VA study to help researchers understand the relationship between hormones and food behavior in Veterans.
Conducted at Rocky Mountain Regional VA Medical Center
Compensation Provided
Studying Food Behavior
U.S. Veterans
18 - 52 Years Old
Fast Facts
About this research study:
Researchers are studying the relationship between hormones and food behavior in Veterans.

Researchers are partnering with Veterans in a research study looking at how gender and hormones affect the brain’s response to food and hunger. Our team is studying brain responses related to food behaviors in men and women. We also plan to learn more about how hormones and the menstrual cycle affect these responses.

Participation in this study first involves screening procedures to see if you may qualify for the study. Screening procedures will be done remotely whenever possible. Participation will last approximately 4-16 weeks.

Additional Information
Why is this study being done?
The overall goal of this study is to better understand sex-based differences in eating behaviors. Understanding these processes will be critical in developing sex-specific approaches to weight management, a goal of paramount importance for our Veterans, who suffer from myriad negative health effects of obesity.
Is this study for me?
You may qualify for this study if you meet the following criteria.

Eligibility Criteria:
  • Between the ages of 18 and 52
  • U.S. Veterans
  • No metal or electronic devices in your body
  • Not claustrophobic
What will happen if I participate in the study?
If you join the study you will:

• Complete 2-4 MRI scans
• Complete food, activity, & mood questionnaires
• Complete blood draws for measuring hormones
• Receive a free Fitbit

If you join the study, you will visit with the study researchers for a number of visits. Female participants will visit with study researchers more than male participants because we would like to have them complete the study measures at two different times in their menstrual cycle. All participants will be asked to come in for two separate study days, during which you will complete some questionnaires and a noninvasive brain scan, using an MRI. We’ll ask women to repeat this process in two different phases of their menstrual cycle.
Will I be paid for being in this research study?
Male participants will be paid up to $200 and female participants will be paid up to $370 (as women will be asked to complete more study visits than men).
Will it cost me anything to participate in this study?
There is no cost for you to participate in our research program.