Vascular Health
Research Study
Researchers at the University of Missouri are investigating how a medication can help improve vascular function. Join our compensated study today!
Conducted in Columbia, MO
Men & Premenopausal Women 30-70 Years Old
Compensation Provided
No Tobacco Use
Fast Facts
Have Overweight or Obesity
Study Background
In general, this research study will measure how a drug called amiloride may impact cardiovascular health among individuals with overweight and obesity. These factors may present an increased risk of blood vessel stiffness, which impedes vascular function.

Amiloride is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use but not specifically for patients with risk factors for blood vessel stiffness.

We hope that the information we learn from this study will help us develop better treatments for blood vessel stiffness. Further research on vascular function and join our compensated study today!
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