Harm Reduction
Talking Circles

"We are going to find each other
Heal each other" - Lovella Black Bear (Lakota),
Community Advisory Board Member
Participants will answer questions about their alcohol use, health, and connection to community at 3 telephone/video conference (Zoom) meetings with project staff over a 3 month period. During this time, participants will also be invited to attend 8 weekly Circles via Zoom
Participation is voluntary.
Participation in this study is strictly confidential.

Participants will receive $40 for each of the 3 questionnaire sessions they attend.
Frequently Asked Questions
What would it be like to participate in the HaRTC Project?
  1. Contact us to find out more information at 509-324-7489 or hartc.admin@wsu.edu
  2. Meet via phone/Zoom with HaRTC staff to find out if the project is a good fit for you
  3. Hear more information about the project
  4. Sign up for the project if you are interested
  5. Talk to HaRTC staff about how you are feeling and what your drinking is like
  6. If the study is a good fit, you will be invited to complete 3 questionnaire sessions, earning $40 for each, and attend the Circles.

What are Talking Circles?
An intertribal practice where people speak what is on their hearts.

What are Harm Reduction Talking Circles (HaRTC)?
Designed with input from patients, staff, management and traditional health professionals at Seattle Indian Health Board (SIHB), Harm Reduction Talking Circles are Talking Circles without the requirement of sobriety and adapted for the virtual space (Zoom).

What is Harm Reduction?
Harm Reduction approaches focus on 1) lessening the harms people and communities experience due to substance use and 2) improving quality of life. In harm reduction, people can choose to be sober if that's the right choice for them, but it's not required.

Who can participate?
People who…
  • Self-identify as Indigenous, American Indian, and/or Alaska Native
  • Are 21 years or older
  • Have experienced problems with alcohol at some time in their lifetime – currently or in the past

Can I bring my friend to the Circle?
If you refer a friend, receive a one-time $10 gift card.

Where is the project taking place?
On Zoom, a secure video chat that is done over the internet. You can connect via smartphone, tablet, or computer.

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