Bridge to Medication Assisted Treatment
The purpose of this study is to support people who have recently been treated for drug usage.
Secure Smartphone App
Compensation Provided
Opioid Use Disorder
Privacy Protection
At Least 18 Years Old
Fast Facts
About this research study:
We are conducting a research study to provide support to those with opioid use disorder. Our plan includes a smartphone app that you can download onto your phone. Compensation will be provided for participation in this research study.
Additional Information
Will I receive compensation for participation in this study?
Yes. We will pay you for achieving goals and for completing interviews. Overall you can earn up to $700 in three months.
Will I get in trouble if a drug test is positive for an illegal drug?
No. Your personal health information is protected under the law. Our technology uses the highest standards of privacy protections. We will not share your information with law enforcement, even if they issue a subpoena.
How long does it take to get into medication assisted treatment?
It depends on the services available to you based on your personal situation. We do not have any reserved treatment slots. If you join the study, then the recovery coach will do everything they can to assist you to get the help you need. However, participation in this study will not affect your access to care in any way.
Do I have to stay in the study once I have joined it?
No. You can leave the study at any time.
If I do not want to join the study now, can I join later?
Participants have a limited time to join the study after their emergency room visit. You should call soon if you think you might be interested. The study coordinator can tell you more about it and answer your questions. If you decide you do not want to talk to us then we will stop contacting you.