HIV & Inflammation
Research Study
Join a University of Pennsylvania research program testing a treatment that may improve attention and concentration in people living with HIV
Philadelphia, PA
7 Month Study
Living with HIV
30 Years and Older
Fast Facts
About this research study:
Partner with researchers as they learn more about a medication that may improve inflammation in people living with HIV and enhance attention and coordination.
Galantamine is a medication that has been approved by the FDA for improving memory and attention. The main purpose of this research study is to see if the medication improves memory and attention in people living with HIV.

If enrolled in this study, you may benefit from the knowledge that you are contributing in an important way to increasing scientific knowledge about neurocognitive disease and ways to improve its treatment in people living with HIV.
Additional Information
Why is this study being done?
The main purpose of this research study is to examine whether a medication called galantamine hydrobromide (Razadyne) may enhance performance on measures of memory and attention and may affect inflammation in people living with HIV.
Is this study for me?
You may qualify for this study if you meet the following criteria.

Key Criteria:
  • Age 30 years or older
  • Living with HIV
What will happen if I participate in the study?
During the initial visit to see if you are eligible, you will receive a physical examination, in addition to completing other screening tasks. If eligible, you will:
• Receive 6 months of study medication
• Attend study visits during which you will complete computer tests that measure your ability to concentrate and complete measures and forms at visits and over the phone
Will I be paid for being in this research study?
Participants will be compensated up to $650 for time and travel.
Will it cost me anything to participate in this study?
There is no cost for the study medicine or study tests.