VapeChat Study: Virtual Reality and Vaping
Boston University seeks to understand what people aged 14-19 think about e-cigarettes and vaping.
Compensation Provided
Currently Vape or Previously Vaped
14 - 19 Years Old
Access to a Smartphone
Fast Facts
About this research study
Vaping is an epidemic among youth age 14-19.
There are no effective treatments to help youth stop vaping.
Vaping can be toxic to the heart and lungs, and these negative effects can persist into adulthood. A new generation of people are addicted to vaping who never were before. Young people are critically needed to help solve this public health problem. You can help by sharing your thoughts about how to help youth stop vaping - even if you don't want to stop vaping yourself.
Additional Information
Why is this study being done?
We are doing the research to learn more about views and opinions on e-cigarettes or vape devices (vaping) and how virtual reality may help people weigh the pros and cons of vaping.

The discussion groups will help us understand how people view e-cigarettes and vapes, and what approaches might be useful to help youth reduce and ultimately stop vaping. We are interested in exploring new ways to do this, such as virtual reality. Your opinions will help inform the development of an innovative high tech program to help youth stop vaping.
Am I eligible for the study?
To take part in this study, participants must:
  • Be between the ages of 14 and 19
  • Be a current or former users of e-cigarettes or vape devices
  • Have an internet connection, a Zoom-capable device, and their camera on during the discussion group
What is my commitment in the study?
If you choose to take part in this study, you will first be asked to complete an online questionnaire. You will then meet online with a small group of others in your age range. The focus group will be led by a member of our research team who will ask a variety of questions about the use of vapes and how to help people stop vaping. During the discussion group, you will be asked to share your thoughts and ideas about these subjects. The group will be held remotely on the Zoom platform. The entire focus group session will last approximately 90 minutes. This discussion group is private and we will not share anyone's answers with anyone outside of our research team.
Am I compensated for participation in this research study?
You will receive $40.00 in the form of an electronic gift card for completing the questionnaire and participating in the focus group discussion.
Do I have to pay to participate in this study?
There is no cost to participate in this study.